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Engineering Services

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Faster and accurate production can be achieved through automation, but one automated solution doesn’t fit all. We provides customized industrial and commercial Engineering Services for a variety of applications across all major technology platforms.
Our proven approach to providing Engineering Services and automation implementation has helped us create lasting competitive advantage for our clients over the last 4 years.
Wiring management in control panel.


Projexels is a leading Systems Integrator providing integrated strategies, solutions, systems and services that address the needs of today’s industrial processes and companies’ goals. Projexels assists clients by developing, implementing, and supporting custom process automation and data integration solutions. To meet client needs for complete solutions and results, Projexels utilizes a variety of advanced engineering concepts. This process begins with understanding our clients’ goals and needs and developing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Projexels has its own, in-house development team, with capabilities to design and prototype from PCB level to Process control system design.



Projexels provides full service in development, testing and production of smart devices and services for IoT, including cloud infrastructure and applications by using technologies. How Projexels Solutions helps: Projexels has strong, proven capability in embedded system designing, firmware development, and product development. Our engineers build complex embedded products that are custom designed by relying on innovative hardware and software designs. Our strength in embedded software development, hardware design and development services makes us a perfect partner for IoT product development and embedded or real-time software R&D.



Projexels is putting a hard effort to downsize the electronic equipment by working on PCB Designing and Printing. We offer Printed Circuit Board Designing, manufacturing, prototyping, and fabrication services for R&D Products prototyping, and low-volume production to work with in the world under the supervision of highly professional engineers who can deal with single-layer to multi-layer PCB designing. Committed to meet the needs of our customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness, and any other demanding requests. We strive to make your R&D work easy and hassle-free. We know, apart from PCB quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers’ R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping.

  • Assist in designing and developing Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).
  • Uses CAD in preparing PCB assembly and schematic.
  • Design PCB layouts to develop high-speed and reliable circuits.
  • Work with the project team in understanding circuit requirements and limitations.
  • Develop design documentation and requirements specifications for assigned projects.
  • Provide support to PCB engineering, manufacturing and packaging teams when required.
  • Analyze and resolve design-related issues in a timely manner.
  • Review and recommend improvements to existing designs.
  • Assist in preparing test procedures and developing test fixtures to verify PCB functions.
  • Stay updated with the latest design techniques.
  • Perform component placement and maintain integrity between components.
  • Conduct job training and provide assistance to junior team members when needed.
  • Follow departmental policies and safety regulations.